100% Tencel pillowcase (50 x 60)


Beauty pillowcases

These luxurious pillowcases could easily be found in the cosmetics department. Real "beauty pillowcases" that, thanks to their natural material and their satin-soft, smooth, and breathable weave, ensure that you wake up every morning wrinkle-free and radiant. Our pillowcases made of 100% Tencel™ are gentle on your skin and hair and naturally hypoallergenic. Say goodbye to expensive night creams. Your Coco & Cici pillowcase will do the trick.

Our pillowcases are made of Tencel™, the sustainable lyocell fiber from Lenzing. The fabric is super smooth, strong, and supple with a luxurious satin weave.

Sleep Benefits

The 100% Tencel™ bedding from Coco & Cici provides a sensational feeling on your skin and has countless fine features that ensure an unparalleled sleep experience:


  • highly breathable
  • less perspiration
  • absorbs 150% more moisture than cotton
  • quick-drying > no more clammy bed
  • temperature regulating
  • warm in winter
  • cool in summer
  • proven better sleep

Sleeping Beauty

  • silky-soft & smooth
  • optimal moisture regulation
  • antiallergenic & antibacterial
  • discourages bacterial growth
  • a solution for dust mite allergy or asthma
  • gentle on sensitive skin
  • prevents wrinkles & frizzy hair


  • 100% natural and plant-based
  • sustainable production process
  • made from eucalyptus and beech trees
  • sourced from FSC-certified forests and plantations
  • requires 20x less water for production compared to cotton
  • chlorine-free bleaching process
  • biodegradable fiber
  • winner of the Eco Flower award and the European prize for the environment

Type 1 pillowcase (50 x 60)
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