There’s nothing more romantic than a weekend full of breathtaking starry nights, cozy campfires and discovering new landscapes. Just enjoying each other's company in the great outdoors with no one else but each other. ⁠

Slow Cabins® aims to create a positive impact on people and nature. They do this through unique nature experiences, off-grid awareness and active nature building in our own country.

Meet the "Slow Movement! A cultural revolution and a positive response to the myth that:

Fast is always good
Quantity over quality
Cheap is better than expensive

The Slow Movement pays tribute to time, quality, depth and connection. Slowness and slowing down as a remedy against a disconnected, hectic society. This movement is also on the rise within the travel world. It helps guests enjoy time, company, and the place where they are more intensely. As a European slow travel pioneer, Slow Cabins® immerses you in a new way of travel and leisure: different, better and slower.