About Us

Sustainable Serenity

A Holistic Haven

We are back ... stronger than ever! We've reinvented ourselves, returning to our origins. We're now an online concept store, focusing on sustainable, natural, and eco-conscious products. Our mission is to craft serene homes through reclaimed wood, organic materials, and an embrace of nature. Japanese-inspired design, minimaluxe, and quality unite in a space that brings wellness, mindfulness, and eco-conscious living to the forefront. Embracing smart home technology enhances the tranquility. Join us in rediscovering the art of serene, holistic living, where every element has purpose, and nature and sustainability are at the core of our journey.

Live the life you've imagined

Our journey began ...

...with a discussion about taking time to celebrate the little moments, the simple beautiful things that bring joy each day. Beauty in nature, time spent together and time spent reflecting. With this in mind we set off to find simple and beautiful things that are thoughtful in nature.


Our manifest

This is your future. Don’t waste it. If life is catching up, slow down. Live your passion. Do what you love, as often as possible. Be excited like a child, do not reflect on your thoughts, follow your dream! Make your song, tell your story. If you don’t like something, quit it. If you want to avoid the excess of life, adore simple pleasures. Take time to search for authenticity. Be the first to discover new things in life. Be passionate about traveling, and get inspired by culture and arts. Open your mind for new experiences. Admire the beauty of unknown products, created and designed with respect for a sustainable home. If you work too much, go out and have fun. Enjoy life. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Share your dream. Open your heart to people, feel good. Invite your friends to live inspiration and curiosity. One day you’ll be rewarded. Think different, change your lifestyle. This is your life.