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Textiles Addicted

In the quiet corners of her home, Caroline found solace in a world woven from threads. Her fascination with textiles was more than a mere appreciation; it was an insatiable passion. Textiles were her muse, each fabric, a canvas to her creative soul. From the gentle rustle of linen to the intricate patterns of handwoven cotton, each piece held a story waiting to be told.

Her addiction, if one could call it that, wasn't merely for textiles, but for the raw and natural garments they birthed. For Caroline, the allure of natural fabrics went beyond comfort; it was about connecting with the earth, embracing sustainability, and feeling the touch of nature against her skin.


Step into the harmonious realm of Japandi, where minimalism dances with the timeless elegance of black and white.

Japandi, an artistic fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design philosophies, breathes life into spaces through the stark beauty of monochromatic hues. Black and white, the embodiment of simplicity, narrates a tale of harmony, balance, and understated sophistication.

Japandi design in black and white is not just a color scheme; it's an artful expression that celebrates the inherent beauty of simplicity, drawing from the wisdom of two cultures to create a space that's both harmonious and impactful

Relax and slow down

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Caroline found herself on a quest for balance. Seeking equilibrium for her body and mind, she discovered a haven in the gentle embrace of wellness practices. From sunrise yoga to invigorating sports, she found solace in activities that allowed her to reclaim her center.

Caroline's journey towards balance wasn't merely about physical exercise; it was a dance between relaxation, mindfulness, and the art of slowing down. With each breath, she discovered the power of taking a step back, embracing slow living as a path to inner peace.


In the whimsical world of Caroline, there's an unspoken enchantment woven into the irregularities and handcrafted wonders that set her heart aflutter. Her fascination with handmade cups and mugs, each bearing the unique touch of the artisan's hand, sparks a giggle in her soul.

For Caroline, it's the charm of imperfection, the irregular curves, and the handcrafted whimsy that draw her in. Each cup or mug, a vessel of character and individuality, carries a tale spun by the craftsman's hands. The wooden boards, each knot and grain speaking volumes, beckon her to run her fingers across their rugged surfaces.