Bamboo Fitted Sheet White

"Delightfully fresh, clean, and soft Bamboo. This Eco Bamboo fitted sheet (yes, really, made from those long stems) is our perfect entry-level model. With a lower price than its iconic TENCEL™ sister but with semi-comparable features. Bamboo is almost as soft, almost as breathable and moreover, equally breathtaking. The ultimate addition to your duvet cover and the upgrade your night's sleep deserves. Soft on the skin and the environment. Bamboo owes its softness to its fiber. It is round and soft. The fiber of cotton? Coarse and rough. Add to that the fact that our Eco Bamboo comes from sustainably managed plantations and forests, manufactured by ecologically certified suppliers, and is 100% biodegradable. So, it's wonderfully soft for the skin, as well as for the environment."
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