Black+Blum Active Charcoal Water Filter x 1 (boxed)

Charcoal based on the traditional Japanese Binchotan method for cleaner tasting water.

Binchotan charcoal
A charcoal stick has been added to the bottle to purify your water for 6 months. It may seem strange to purify your drinking water with a piece of charcoal, but the Japanese have been doing this for centuries. Binchotan is an activated charcoal made from tree branches and is known for its ability to soften water, add beneficial minerals, and absorb unwanted flavors and odors, such as chlorine.

Fill the bottle with water and add the charcoal. Let it sit overnight for best results, but you'll notice a difference after just an hour. If you notice a decrease in the filter's effectiveness over time, you can recharge it by boiling for ten minutes. Boiling will flush out impurities and allow the charcoal to absorb more again.

- Removes chlorine
- Adds minerals
- Natural water filter lasts 6 months
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