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Good design outshines everything - and so the timelessly designed Victoria pursues its mission of providing good light and good mood with a tireless glow in all directions. The small, colorful luminaire does not require a power outlet near its installation and can therefore be quickly taken anywhere atmospheric light is needed. Whether on the coffee table in the living room, the windowsill in the kitchen or the console in the hallway - when fully charged via its USB-C port, it shines for up to 130 hours. Clearly, Victoria's motto is: Veni, luxi, vici - I came, I shone, I conquered.

This light has a power-off switch on the underside to ensure that the battery is safe during transport. Press this first before you can switch the light on/off or dim it using the touch sensor on the lampshade. 

Product details: 

LED table lamp with USB-C port, warm white light color (3000 Kelvin), luminosity 190 lumens, 3-stage dimmable, charging time approx. 13 hours, lighting time up to 130 hours on lowest setting, USB-C charging cable (1.5 m) included, bulb cannot be replaced, service life approx. 20,000 hours, power adapter not included

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H 17.5 cm, Ø 9.5 cm